Thursday, August 26, 2010

Bangkok Shops

I just LOVE shopping in Bangkok because of the diversity of style and price points (very important hahaha!). I like a good old designer something but there's also excitement in affordable stuff that doesn't cost an arm and a leg. Bangkok has a slew of young designers that simply appeal to my aesthetic so it's always a good day for me to discover a new one.

Riotino is one such find.

Their style and color palette and style is so 'me'.

A must-visit shop for me is wwa. Now with a bigger space they also stock The Alchemist, Sadudee, Anti Utopia, Curated and Ek Throngphrasert. Their sales assistant is very friendly. They always have new stocks coming every week.

I also checked out Myth, a multi brand store selling Wolfkind Museum, Missile, etc.

Myth reminds me so much of Poetry, the spirit and idea of 'anything goes'.

I got a skull necklace from Missile and I'm glad I got it because when I went back recently it's out of stock already.

At MobF, my fave corner is The Alchemist. I ended up buying a vest with tailoring details that's so lovely. The designer of The Alchemist apprenticed with Ann Demeulemeester hence the muted, tailored aesthetic.

There's lots of new Balenciaga in Club 21.

I fell for this Raf Simons x DM's. Guess which one I took home ;)

Another impressive store I shopped was Wonder Anatomie. Their accessories were really impressive. I got to meet the designer. I bought a really nice shirt with sleeves encrusted with embroidered skull patches.

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