Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Design Lab 4

One of the projects I was involved when I was home was Design Lab 4 grand finals. I assisted Bo Parcon in directing and conceptualizing the show. Design Lab is the only design contest in Western Visayas that aims to discover talented young designers. I was part of the group that conceptualized the whole thing from the start and I'm so proud and happy that it's still going on. Almost all of Iloilo's bright upcoming designers came from this contest.

The competition winner was Aisha Penalosa.

Her transforming collection made of hand woven polyhemp local fabric was both forward and traditional at the same time.

Here's Aisha (the girl) with Ritchie, last year's finalist.

DJohn was last year's winner.

He designed the white dress. The black piece was Ritchie's

Doddie, (long hair) was a finalist from the second run of Design Lab, and Mike, a finalist last year.

Mike showed this layered number.

Noi and Marvin, another DL alum.

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