Saturday, August 28, 2010


Comme des Garcons tee

Vivienne Westwood Anglomania jacket

Marc Jacobs tee

2 DP Jackets

Heavy canvas jacket with detachable zipped detail

Heavy canvas jacket with detachable buttoned detail

Friday, August 27, 2010


The line 'It's the last piece!' always get me. I'm such a sucker but then it wasn't hard for me to get convinced to purchase this Comme des Garcons bag. It's a little birthday gift for myself.

It's one of those 'dump everything including the kitchen sink' kinda bag. I used the bag when I went to Kep for a couple of days and I had all my stuff in, change of clothes and all. I initially wanted the plain black version but then Bo wanted one, too, so I had to get this one instead. In the end I liked that I got the checkerboard version because it's more fasyon, hehehe.

I wanted the dark silver version of DM's x Raf Simons with the cool clasp but the gold version with the laces seems more 'now' to me. I got a lot of brass accessories so the color compliments. I actually went back to Club 21 to see if the silver is still there but it's sold-out, already.

Here's the black version of the CDG bag that Bo got. ;)

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Comme des Garcons Bangkok

Phew! Major major (forgive me, wehehe) image overload on this post. It's for my friends Mike and Mike, CDG freaks more than moi.

I don't see Manila on the poster because only 'first world' has CDG stores, di bala Cecile?! ;) Hehehe!

When I took these photos they had the spring/summer 2010 collections on display.

Bo had a picture with this display, wehehehe! We were soooo baduy but who cares! It's a miracle they even allowed me to take a lot of pictures.

Toxisdiscoboy, this is sooooo you! It has your name written all over it.

It was like Disneyland for moi. Wehehehe! Do you like what I'm holding?


This harness thing has been haunting me in my dreams for weeks now. Please be mine! It's just sooo freakin expensive I couldn't justify the cost. Huhuhuhu!

Leave it to Rei Kawakubo to boggle your mind.

Mike Sorilla, this section here is calling you! Buy me, buy me!


Wehehe, I asked the SA, 'What is this 'thing'?' Hehehehe...She showed me their look book on how it's worn. It's a skirt and looks AMAZING in real life!


Very Chuvaness.

Lots of stuff reminded me of CDG x H&M. Don't be fooled of their simplicity because the layered pieces could be one piece and the one piece could be layered pieces. Some of the fabrics have eyelet details, polka dot embroidery, mesh and print in just one thing. The Maryjane shoes looks so kawaii, non?

Love this tote.

Tita Jaki in the counter.

I'm so happy Bangkok has a CDG store now. I was back there recently and they have the fall/winter 2010 collection, already. I had fun trying on their stuff but I don't have the cash for it, yet. I'm seriously thinking of this bag they have there with 3 handles. Will post about it soon ;)

Bangkok Shops

I just LOVE shopping in Bangkok because of the diversity of style and price points (very important hahaha!). I like a good old designer something but there's also excitement in affordable stuff that doesn't cost an arm and a leg. Bangkok has a slew of young designers that simply appeal to my aesthetic so it's always a good day for me to discover a new one.

Riotino is one such find.

Their style and color palette and style is so 'me'.

A must-visit shop for me is wwa. Now with a bigger space they also stock The Alchemist, Sadudee, Anti Utopia, Curated and Ek Throngphrasert. Their sales assistant is very friendly. They always have new stocks coming every week.

I also checked out Myth, a multi brand store selling Wolfkind Museum, Missile, etc.

Myth reminds me so much of Poetry, the spirit and idea of 'anything goes'.

I got a skull necklace from Missile and I'm glad I got it because when I went back recently it's out of stock already.

At MobF, my fave corner is The Alchemist. I ended up buying a vest with tailoring details that's so lovely. The designer of The Alchemist apprenticed with Ann Demeulemeester hence the muted, tailored aesthetic.

There's lots of new Balenciaga in Club 21.

I fell for this Raf Simons x DM's. Guess which one I took home ;)

Another impressive store I shopped was Wonder Anatomie. Their accessories were really impressive. I got to meet the designer. I bought a really nice shirt with sleeves encrusted with embroidered skull patches.