Sunday, March 27, 2011

Abadi Villas and more Bali

I love where we stayed in Bali, the Abadi Villas. You can check it here.

The bed is sooooo comfy! And I'm so happy it has white cotton sheets.

I'm so happy my friends got good taste when it comes to hotels and lodging. It's them who planned the whole trip and I just tagged along, hahahaha! Stress free for me!

Pa-formal ang mga pose! Ang aastig mga p're!

Habang eto naman eh super relaxed na relaxed.

We ate at this Italian restaurant in Seminyak and I had the Vongole. Not as good as my clam pasta though, hahahaha! I think the Vongole at La Volpaiais still the best.

My friends also searched for babi goreng, a Javanese pork dish, which of course I couldn't eat. But they said it's the best meal they've had in the local dining we tried. We had to find this local eatery because they all want the 'authentic' one.

We spent a lot of time in the beach, too. Everyone wanted to have a tan.

In our group Kawadjan and I have been friends the longest. I miss our tsikahan.

Surfing is BIG in Bali. I'm actually inspired by those strings that attach to the surf and the ankle. Might use that in my future designs. I'm kinda fascinated about surfing lifestyle.

I think there's more to explore in Bali and I want to go back again.

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