Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Bags and Wallets

I want to share some of my thrifted bags lately:

This 2 denim Birkin-esque bags were finds from Japan Thrift Shop in Phnom Penh when I went with my family there.

They sold it to me for $3 each and I thought it looks so fake but so good! Nobody would mistake that it's Hermes but it looks quirky funny enough that it's cool.

I blogged about this Jean Paul Gaultier tote in my previous post but here's a much clearer view. I bought it together with the denim bags from Japan TS.

Here in Siem Reap I'm lucky to find these wallets. Mostly non-branded except for the blue leather coin purse by Celine. It's so cute with pebbled leather and red suede lining inside.

This Takeo Kikuchi tote has been my default bag now. I'm a sucker for prints with collection description and title. Comme des Garcons is fond of printing collection description on their designs. Somehow you've discovered a relic from that particular time. It's that sense of history that I find fascinating. That's why I love that Helmut Lang (especially during the 90's) and Raf Simons have season tags on their clothes.

I also got this Stussy tote in nylon.

And also a Head Porter nylon gym bag with shadow print and blue zips. The 3 bags totalled about $2.


Tom said...

I really do wish they place a tag that indicates where the collection is from. Makes it easier to reference check when you have a vintage. Do you do that with your label, Don?

Anonymous said...

I just wanna say that I was on your shop in Siem a month ago. I am crazy about it, it has been an amazing inspiration for me, everything about that place is magic.
I loved the phrases and I loved a black thick ring with the whole Our Father inscripted on it (I now regret not buying it). Do you have an email o a web page? I´ve been looking for it but I can´t find it.
Congratulations and keep going!
Gabriela from Argentina

Anonymous said...

Such cool finds.:-) I do find those denim Birkin lookalikes so cute and quirky. There's something so playful in them.:-)


fuchsiaboy said...

gabriela - we don't have an online shop yet but you can email me at protasiodon@yahoo.com . I'm happy you like our shop.

sintea - i find it hilarious in cheap denim. like subverting the very essence of its exclusivity and value.

fuchsiaboy said...

tom - sadly i don't label my clothes with the season details. it just started out that way.