Friday, March 11, 2011

What A Day In Bali!

Totally exhausted! After waking up at 2am to go to Bangkok airport for our flight to Bali, we arrived after 5 hours only to be told that my luggage got left behind in Bangkok. Also my friend Rey got detained for a bit in immigration because his visa had a minor problem. Add to that the tsunami scare! Talk about a grand Bali welcome, non?

But I'm totally enjoying the island. Having a grand time with my friends.

I'm travelling with my friends Julius, Kawadjan, Ace, Mike and Rey.

We are staying at the Abadi Villas in Semenyak. We wasted no time planting ourselves in our private pool.

I was so happy that Mike gave me a Marc Jacobs tee so I was able to change clothes.

The views are amazing! I totally understand why a lot of people say Bali is magical.

We had dinner at the beach and stuffed ourselves silly with seafoods.

Today we explore more of Bali.

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