Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Back when I was starting to make clothes I often used old clothing as base materials for my designs. This was in highschool and I'm living in Sigma, Capiz, which is as far from fashion between Pluto and Bruno Mars. My only portal was CNN's Style with Elsa Klench every Sunday afternoon. I was so happy to realize that what I'm doing of using recycled materials can be called fashion. Junya Watanabe, Martin Margiela, Jessica Ogden were some of the designers that opened the possibilities of style that is based on recuperation and reappropriation. Later on I also got to know about Xuly Bet and Christopher Nemeth. The latter two became the chief inspiration for this new label I started recently called PAID. The hand-made label, above, all done by me!

Basically, I decided to separate my deconstructed pieces with my own name label just to make it more cohesive. I used to mix the two especially in my collection for fall/winter 2008. With PAID now I can freely just deconstruct and make pieces without the burden of a concept. I wanted PAID to be more haphazard and relaxed hence the tatters and exposed threads. Got that from Margiela and Xuly Bet.

Here's a few of my faves:

This was an oversized sweater with an ugly print so I scaled it down and covered the print with the sleeves cut into a square.

This one is a reworked cotton jersey dress with a sleeve detail on the neck.

This dress has mixed colored cotton with exposed seams and hand written details on one panel.

This jacket uses the lining in shades of green, pink and brown cut up from different sources.

The patch is from an old t-shirt.

What do you think?

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