Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Holy Spring, More Monkeys and Ubud

It's good to start the day with a little fashion diary, non? Here I'm wearing an Alexander Wang top, DP pants, Nike sneakers, Stussy tote bag, buffalo horn cuffs and skull necklaces from Marc Jacobs & Thomas Sabo.

On the way to Ubod we passed by a village famous for crafting silver.

We had the chance to observe how they make silver jewelry. We also went to an art village and our friend Rey bought some paintings. I was lucky he gave me the frames so I have a souvenir from there. I had to carry the big frames from Bali to Phuket to Bangkok to Siem Reap. But I never regretted in bringing it.

We had lunch at this restaurant overlooking a nice rice field. It reminded me so much of my family home in Capiz.

Apres, we headed to the holy spring in Terta Empul in Tampaksering.

The water comes out from this spring and is believed to have been created by the Hindu god Indra to revive his poisoned soldiers.

It's such an amazing experience to be able to observe the rituals of the people there.

In Ubod we checked out the Padangtegal Monkey Forest first. The monkeys there are called long tailed macaques.

And they have their own official bananas!

The monkeys were quite wild and some even sneered at me. But our driver Oca was quite comfortable making friends. I was actually quite nervous especially when one of the tourist there got attacked.

We also went to the rice terraces in Ubod and did a little bit of shopping in the local market. If ever I got the chance to come back in Bali I would definitely explore more of Ubod.

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Franco Dionco said...

You saw the bats? It peed on me when I was holding him. Funny.

Super scary ang monkeys talaga! JP was bitten there!