Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Issey Miyake

Let me share with you my two thrifted Issey Miyake designs:

black pleated Issey Miyake top

Plantation woven fabric jacket

Both were sold to me for 500riels each or about $0.25 for both. It's the genius of thrifting here in Siem Reap because it's dirt cheap.

Have you been thrifting lately?


Ann said...

wow! (*sigh) I envy the price there! ^^. I've been thrifting lately, mainly just to pass the time.^^ I realized that sifting through racks and racks of clothes actually relaxes me, ^^

Anonymous said...

Hi, Don.:-) You have the eye and knowledge of a treasure hunter for getting these finds. I can almost imagine you curating a museum of vintage clothes-able to trace the evolution of a designer's clothes.

Sintea :-)

PS It seems that I've met another kindred soul in Anna too. Unfortunately, I don't think I will hit the Salvation Army thrift shops to actually buy here (to window shop maybe)...they are still beyond my price comfort level! (Used bread baskets for P80 apiece???)