Friday, February 15, 2008

February Reads

Hay, this month I have been blessed with a lot of magazines. So, I won't complain na. Some more pa was given to me or I bought. Happy me!

Vogue Italia. Got from Phnom Penh

Bedsheets. Given by GM

the magazine. From Fate

US Vogue Jan.08. From Bangkok

US Vogue Feb.08. From Bangkok, both Vogues bought by Martin for me.

New York magazine. Borrowed from GM

Singapore Tatler. Borrowed from Noelene

Andrea went to Thailand and she got me these:


Vogue Italia

Men's Vogue

Vogue Italia fashion supplement

Got 2 of these because Noelene and Sarah gave me the same Vanity Fair!

Vanity Fair

And Noelene (definitely the coolest sales director in the world) got me all these because when she saw it she was reminded of me. Hahaha! I wish I'm that cool.



Quintisentiall Wicked


Now, gotta find me those reading time.

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