Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Pho Pho my fave

For the price and good taste of the food, Pho pho is definitely my fave and tops the spot. Forget the ambiance of the resto because they wouldn't know what it is. It is just a typical resto which is just a notch higher than a carinderia back home. Go there if you are craving for some Chinese/Asian inspired dishes like Tom yam, or dishes involving crabs and shrimps. They also have Khmer dishes which I haven't tried because it has pork and meat. So what did we order?

kangkong stir fry and tom yam soup. I love the tom yam, the best I've tasted here so far. My friend Marichel and Butz would totally dig this.

garlic crabs and fish with chili sauce. Hey Bo Parcon you should try this when you visit me here.

Segafredo coffee. Totally reminded us of Greenbelt sitting outside having coffee and bumping into designer friends like Gian Romano and Tina Daniac (mga laman ng malls) always.

Fate and Loven, my conspirators in lounging and dining out. Look at those ugly curtains at the back. Scary!


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