Thursday, February 14, 2008

Metro Cafe

The Chinese New Year fever was everywhere in Phnom Penh. We had dinner at Metro.

I ordered Khmer style seafood soup

and seafood rice.

Fate and Loven

LJ and Dave

I should have a gotten a pix but I was dyahe. Metro seems to be the hang-out place of some of the most glam people I've seen in Phnom Penh. I saw this beautiful couple and they arrived in this posh bike (don't ask me what it's called because I wouldn't know). The girl was in this flirty summer dress and carrying her cute toy dog. Think Paris Hilton when she's still sober and pretty. She was definitely chaneling Paris. The guy reminded me of this male model. He was in a gray suit. I learned they are British, possibly, from London.

Also, a Khmer guy arrived with a Jaguar with 2 bodyguards tailing from behind in bikes. He was with this model-ish but not really striking girl. We were sitting outside opposite them but they were inside Metro. They were with 3 other girls and one was seriously looking like Rosita Barang (?) from Pinoy Dream Academy. They were all wearing flirty dresses, think cliche Greenbelt outfit with kili-kili bag. I don't see locals dressing that way often.

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