Monday, February 18, 2008

O sya sige na nga!

You have seen this annoying face in here before. Yup, this is my booger friend Rofel. I always half-jokingly annoy him with my pronouncement, "Di ba baduy ka dati?". It never fails to make my day whenever I start picking up on him. Imagine seeing this guy transform into this snotty nosed kid fresh out of college into this marketing, PR whiz kid who makes things happen. I'm gagging now from all the lies and bullshit so let me stop. Hehehe!

Anyway, what do you know?! Look do we have here! The nerd...

He has a concert! Not really a concert concert but a real concert with sponsors, venue, ticket and a benefit ek-ek (for all I know it's just a ploy to be tax exempt, joke!hehehe). I beg your parrot? Yup, even I can't believe that he is having his own concert. Oh, the agony and pain of hearing his toad-like voice. Oh, the migraine from all the cheesyness and yucky script during audience interaction. Don't get me started on the clothes and costumes he'll wear. Que horror, que barbaridad! If you value your life and don't want to be emotionally scarred forever then I beg you to not watch this show.

But then again it does have a good motive in helping this poor kids from this organization. I mean, I presume all of you are not stone-hearted ogres who will not support such noble cause, right? There's our problem there. To watch or not to watch is the question.

I suggest you watch and be of help to the community but do bring some earplugs or maybe some reading materials like Tolstoy's 'War&Peace' or James Joyce's 'Ulysses'. I bet you those doorstoppers are more entertaining than this guy. If that doesn't work then we can always resort to throwing tomatoes, di bala?

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Anonymous said...

beh ! u shud hav bn there to find out your money s worth watching my show ! :)