Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Orussey (say oru-sai) is Phnom Penh's biggest ukay secret and I'm telling it to you!

Me?! Yes, moi, the most secretive ukay hunter is sharing it with you! Look at the traffic below.

We parked our car at the rooftop of this massive 5 story building housing a market on the 1st floor, ukay-ukay and office supply on the 2nd floor, accessories and fabrics on the 3rd floor, more stuff on the 4th floor and more cheap, whole sale stuff plus a casino on the 5th floor.

I was there for the ukay so I mostly stayed on the 2nd floor, shoes section. Mind you I haven't even checked the bags and clothes section.

Boots kung boots! There are a lot of new stuff. Lets just say I saw some real Gucci, Zucca, Converse, Sergio Rossi, Balenciaga (BB logo), Kenneth Cole, Anne Klein and other generic but really cute stuff. Like this:

leopard print boots

jil sander puma

and it's exactly my size! di ba swerte?!

margiela tabi shoes

this one is not my size but it was only $3! choosy ka pa?! so i bought it just for the sake that it's martin margiela.


Dink said...

They are great! currently going for alot more than $3! :))

fuchsiaboy said...

dink - yeah, i know it cost much more than $3 that's why I bought it. i gave it to my sister.