Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Dead Fish

Dinner at Dead Fish courtesy of hostest with the mostest Madam Sarah Moya of Malaysia!hehehe We were also there to watch CamboJam, one of the hottest (hottest daw o!) acoustic band in Siem Reap.

Dead Fish packs a lot of people especially the back packers. You wish they were the Raf Simons/Y-3 wearing kind but it's asking a bit too much.

This is Jessie of CamboJam

with KC and Fabien (Pinoy, Pinoy, French).

There's Nanny, Savorn (Fate's assistant who mostly overbooks at Amansara) and Olive.

Mawawala ba sa picture and Ramos famille?



They have a funny way of serving coconut juice.

It's covered in this green cloth which reminds me of scrubs and operating rooms.

Open sesame! Coconut inside after the operation.

Given that it's a back packers haven, I thought the food would just be okey.

Surprisingly it's delish. Tofu mushroom and battered seafoods

Khmer seafood rice

Salmon sandwich. Yummy!

Porkchops and fries.

The crocs at Dead Fish

The place got its name from feeding the crocs with dead fish.

Definitely, scary!

Gephard, our Swiss German friend with a funny American accent.

One of the servers with their wacky uniform.

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kawadjan said...

ang cute ng costume ng waiter!
parang gusto kong pumunta ng club wearing that!
ang tanong, sasama ka ba sa akin pag yan ang suot ko? or makikipagtalbugan ka rin! hahahaha.