Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Strike the pose in leggings

Ever since the Dior Homme-ish silhouete exploded in menswear I've seen men's pants getting reduced into man leggings which takes a bit of mindset to pull off because a.) not a lot of men think it's really masculine b.) if you have chunky legs then forget it c.) you end up looking silly, think superhero look, with your dick and balls bulging. Not very appropriate for office or day wear (maybe at night you can get ballsy but then you wouldn't want to end up looking like a ballet dancer or something).

Think black then to make it agressive and rock.

Think oversize like a big, long jacket to cover your jewels. Think Balenciaga shapes.

Think matte. Shiny leggings with Lycra nylon blend just shouts Justice League.

Costume: Jacket from the Russian Market, cotton leggings from Japan, Costume National stripe shirt, black Converse and insect pin from Mike by Jor-el Espina

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