Friday, February 08, 2008

Strike the pose in Nowhere jeans

The only jeans I bought from back home is this Nowhere jeans from Japan. It's super skinny that when I got fat from all the cakes and food I inhaled during my first month here in Siem Reap I had a hard time walking in it. And let's not talk about taking it off because it was bloody hell. I've lost a lot of weight,... ok, OK!... a LITTLE weight and I've comfortably worn them since.

The black jacket/cape thingy is from this Italian designer I'm always forgetting the name. It's one of my old pieces that I simply love wearing because of the versatility and style. A lot of people think it's by a Japanese and I'm quite surprised also that it's not.

My stripe shirt is from Scoop which I found at the Bubble Tea store.

My trusty Converse in tattered canvas.


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