Tuesday, September 23, 2008

DP shoes

Let me do a shameless plug for my DP shoes, among other shameless plugs I've been doing in this blog. Gotta earn money ya know! Hehehe!

The first design I came up with is this blue gladiator boots which I was supposed to use for my spring/summer 2008 collection.

I had to change it into this gray color because the blue leather we ordered from Vietnam couldn't arrive on time.

For fall/winter 2008 I was exploring color and prints in my collection and it was clearly a departure from my darkly tinge palette. So I came up with two designs: this classic lace-ups with buckles and a rather odd multi-buckled boot in pastel green, fuchsia pink and silvery gray mixed with black.

My intention is really for lightness. The boots is kinda experimental. I haven't seen a shoe like that before. At first I hated it because I thought the proportion was a little bit off but then when I started testing it and wearing it around town, it seemed quite normal actually.

Now this mandals is my best seller.

I'm actually surprised of its popularity. Someone wants to order it in red.

Kudos goes to Kawadjan who ordered it first, asking me to redesign the high boots into a lower version with an open toe. He was about to embark on some fashion-in-motion performance art in Bangcock that he needed a slightly perverse footwear to stomp them poor people there. From what I heard his market value increased and there had been reports about Kawadjan stalkers, pregnancy issues and this talk about him being gay. Ah, the trappings of being a celebrity!

This lower height of the original gladiator boots was ordered by Gibo. It didn't fit!

As a surprise I changed the color to red! I'm waiting for his testimonial in the vein of, 'DP shoes is better than sex!'

Order na kayo!


Gibo said...

basta, i hold the title of being the first to have the red one hahahaha

give me a few more days and i will werq it around penang!

The Zen Bitch said...

i want the mandals! custom-made ba ito? as in you need to measure my feet and calf?

i've had two custom-made shoes here in phnom penh last year and i just love 'em!

how do i contact you ba, Mz P?

Gayzha said...

I've seen some of these Gladiator shoes (for girls) here - Wittner Shoes - and I have not really tried them on (I want to, one of these days)... They look fab and Kawadjan showed it well...

Your version looks very comfy, just wondering magkano kaya?

fuchsiaboy said...

zen - email me at protasiodon@yahoo.com

gayzha - the mandals are $100. the high boots $150.

in the shop it goes up to $200 & $250 because of the tax thingy.

the spool artist said...

and i'm the only one who has the brown version yata... i want to buy a horse and have a Richard Gomez for Bench (baduy!) billboard - pose with my mandals! hehehe

fuchsiaboy said...

spool - i totally forgot you were the first one to order it and in brown gladiator boots! lol!

Hyperballadry said...

loving the longchamp (I'm a mulberry man myself however) and the badges. Are you going to add me to your facebook? Im in SR in April next year - fancy meeting for a drink and fashion chat?

fuchsiaboy said...

Hey! got a mulberry bag too but dont you find it heavy sometimes? I have the one popularized by scarlett johansson (i forgot the name) with all the buckles and chunky hardware and rustic leather.

I love them badges.

Hmmm let me check my facebook. i seldom open it.

See ya in April, pare.

burrito said...

i love your mandals! do you have an online store? thanks!

fuchsiaboy said...

burrito - nope i dont have an online store. practically everyone just emails me or message me here.

Giancinephile said...

I'd love to have a pair of those sandals!

The price you said is plus shipping right????

OMG! I really want a pair so badly. haha