Monday, September 29, 2008

Vogue Siem Reap

I love fashion magazines. I think it's my only vice. I've published my own magazine before called, err, OWN. It was shortlived - produced only two issues because during the production of the 3rd one I was already preparing to move here in Cambodia. Things got in the way and eventually I just let go of it. But I'm still itching to revive it. I love the process of making one. When I was in college I got to edit our school paper and it was the conceptualizing and the process of making it that fascinated me so much. Everytime I open Vogue Paris I'm always wishing I'm part of the whole thing. Well, I dont know what lies in the future, eh? I always believe dreams are there because it can come true.

My friends David and Mikee are here for a visit. After a wonderful dinner of special adobo squid cooked by Mikee I showed them the atelier. Of course, they got playful with all the clothes sample, the fabrics and the accessories lying carelessly there. I encouraged Mikee to try some stuff on and then it was camwhore time! We really had fun.

The whole concept of the shoot is the closure and end of an unrequited love.

There's some cultural and historical flavor to the styling as well which alludes to a certain time or figure.

I hope you enjoyed it!

All clothes from the collection of Don Protasio.

Additional accessories from Loven Ramos.


kawadjan said...

ang galing galing!
tita carine is sooo proud of you!

(sobrang dami nang exclamation points dito ha.)

bravo love! and lots of kisses to fierce mikee.

the spool artist said...

well, you just got your wish... let us revive OWN NOW!

Gayzha said...

May shock factor siya! Akala ko talaga Siem Reap Vogue issue and I thought kachaka naman ng mga models, sa yo pala and I thought wow!

burrito said...

"kachaka naman ng mga models" -- LOL!

pero agree, nice work! you should revive it now!

Gibo said...

"There's some cultural and historical flavor to the styling as well which alludes to a certain time or figure."


But i love the concept. I love the styling. At wagi ang model ha!

Yes, you should revive that magazine.

Like, now na.

Anonymous said...

hoy gayzha!!!

intelegent and social people (don't correct my spelling) see the whole package and drama of everything... be it chaka or beautiful...

are you intelegent ( don't correct my spelling!!! )

Bubbles Cojuangco

fuchsiaboy said...

gayzha - wag mong pansinin ang pagmamaasim ni bubbles kasi tama ka. kailangan nya naman talagang mag diet na. hahahaha!

very soon sasali na rin sa blogsphere ang ate bubbles cojuangco via her blog "Bubbles Cojuangco's Practical Guide on How to be a Trophy Girl and Social Climbing 101"