Friday, September 12, 2008

Fashion Diary in Laos

Packing for travels are usually tricky. For someone like me who loaths excess baggage and carrying stuff I usually reduce my fashion choices to what are essential and bare minimum. I can always buy clothes and stuff, which is mostly the case, in my destination. Here's some of my Laos looks:

Top: Gaspard Yurkeivitch

Pants: Don Protasio pinstripe pants

Shoes: Giordano Concepts patent sneaks (Makes it easy to clean. Just wipe!)

Bag: Longchamp

Top: Helmut Lang tee

Shorts: Don Protasio printed jersey/men's suiting shorts

Shoes: Giordano Concepts

Bag: Longchamp

Top: wrinkled Indian cotton top

Pants: shorts I got from the ukay with drawstring hem

Shoes: Don Protasio 3 color spectator

Top: Jersey houndstooth print top

Pants: Issey Miyake pleated pants

Shoes: Giordano Concepts

Bag: Marithe&Francois Girbaud shoe pouch

Top: Amen tank

Pants: Levi's 501 jeans

Shoes: Giordano Concepts


Gayzha said...

I luv the second look ... I want to copy it!

fuchsiaboy said...

gayzha - go lng ng go!