Monday, September 01, 2008

Loving Laos

To my loyal public (chanelling my favorite social climber, La Greta),

Dahlings, dears and love ones, I am now in absence from the blogging world because I'm currently galivanting the wild and definitely savage beauty of Laos in Luang Prabang and Vang Vieng (as of this writing and wearing my red Giordano Concepts shoes, Don Protasio F/W 2008 top and Issey Miyake pants).

I'm with 2 ferosh blogger friend Kawadjan of Bangkok and Gibo of Penang (see pictures there) and I can't wait to share with all of you the havoc we created and the mayhem we caused to the peace and serenity of this beucolic land.

So, I am appealing to your forgiving heart for my inability to post the pictures of the Design Lab contest. To those who joined I know that you will find in your heart to forget this daliance.

I will soon be home to be with you all (I miss my 'microwave in Louis Viutton').

Much love,



Kiks said...

still, enjoy Lao.

ask Lov about Rei.

(tihi... evil snicker.)

Lyka Bergen said...

welcome back. am glad naman at safe kayo at di na-kidnap at dinala sa Burma. Tse!

fuchsiaboy said...

kiks - got rei. we wish you were there.

lyka - salamat. i think we succeeded in alienating both the locals and tourists there with our usual fashionable and fabulous selves. maghintay ang burma!

mrs.j said...

hala teh wit na kaez,, ipost mo na cla..

next nalang ako.. soriu kung hinahagard kita... pasensiya.. :(

sunod sunod ang trabajo te...