Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Fashion Diary 5

Recent looks I've attempted to werk:

GM's cocktail birthday party

Top: Issey Miyake Pleats Please top over H&M v-neck tee

Pants: Don Protasio cotton pants

Shoes: K-bond

After gym

Top: H&M linen vest over 5cm stripe tee

Pants: Balenciaga

Bag: Longchamp

Shoes: Nike Air Rift

Malling at Lucky Mall, holding US Vogue Sept.08

Top: Green mesh top over Giordano Concepts tank

Pants: Don Protasio pinstripe pants

Shoes: K-bond

After gym

Top: Fred Perry

Pants: Levi's pinstripe

Shoes: Muji sneakers

Bag: Longchamp

Grocery shopping

Top: Emporio Armani vest over Uniqlo tee

Pants: Evisu jeans

Shoes: Giordano Concepts

Bag: Vivienne Westwood

Dinner at AHA

Top: Emporio Armani vest over Martin Margiela knit top

Pants: True Religion jeans

Shoes: Giordano Concepts

Bag: Bench gold tote

Ukay hunting

Top: black tank

Pants: Energie jeans

Bag: M&S eco bag

Shoes: Litmus

At a service

Top: Kenneth Cole button down shirt

Pants: True Religion jeans

Bag: Vivienne Westwood

Shoes: white crocodile lace up

After gym

Top: Gianfranco Ferre white shirt

Pants: Levi's with Topman belt

Bag: Longchamp

Shoes: Giordano Concepts


kawadjan said...

win ang look for Malling at Lucky Mall.
and i drool over those white crocodile lace up.
keep them fashion diaries coming dahling.

Kiks said...

Issey Miyake it is!

The Zen Bitch said...

i luv blue kaya for me wagi ang look for the gm party & the service. agree din ako ke kawadjan, panalo ang white crocodile lace-up!

at yummy ang red shoes!

fuchsiaboy said...

kawadjan - those croc shoes i bought in phnom penh ukay. swerte ko coz it's only $15!

kiks - pleats please! find please!

zen - specifically cyan blue, dahling. :)

Gayzha said...

I just love the Ukay Look! Very ukay-ukay!

Naka-ukay ka day? I'm sooo excited nga sa mga ukay ventures ko sa Davao - ang dami day, may mga serial numbers pa sila!

mrs.j said...

love the red shoes!

fuchsiaboy said...

gayzha - sigurado ka na di prison clothes yan at may serial numbers pa? lol! share ka naman. I do ukay but i mix it up with new stuff para di naman mukhang ukay ka na lang. hehehe

mrs. j - me too i love my red shoes! lol!