Sunday, September 21, 2008

Red Shoes

It was a blessing in disguise then when the original boots I designed for Gibo wouldn't fit him. I brought it with me to Laos and he was a bit disappointed seeing how Kawadjan pranced and werked the whole of Luang Prabang and Vang Vieng with his DP mandals (sandals for men).

So he decided, as a form of revenge, to order not only the same mandals of Kawadjan but also another short boots. Originally, it was in black but then when I was at my shoemaker a new batch of leather arrived and I just couldn't resist the rouge color. Thinking that Gibo needs a splash of color in his life (sartorially that is because I'm telling you his personal life is like Times Square neon-like) I opted to surprise him with it.

There was hesitation on his part about wearing it. Actually, he thought he couldn't carry the damn piece. I actually get that a lot with my designs. Not that I design outrageously unwearable items but I guess the sensibility of the pieces I make are not for the faint of heart. Without a curatorial eye it would be perplexing for a fasyon newbie; a conservative, nondescript loving person; or a sartorial communist to integrate something 'designed' to his clothing choices. I'm not saying that Gibo is completely clueless about fashion, no, but he just needs a little direction on where to take his new found taste for forward fashion. Just the other week he proudly announced to me that he bought 4 edgy shirts from a local designer! Gasp! Am I creating a fashion monster?

Anyway, he and Kawadjan joked that they might form a forum for my buyers, a sort of fashion group to help them cope on how to use my pieces. LOL! Mga tange! We even decided to use the word Donism which means, ' to wear something that needs psychological intervention for the wearer to pull off', I didn't realize one needs to be psychologically prepared to wear my stuff because I guess I'm so used to wearing clothes from the avant-garde designers.

And speaking of that, I was just talking to a friend how before I was so experimental with what I wear. A previous post you saw me wearing a skirt, that was so tame, because I've worn like nail encrusted shirts to tattered, buried-in-the-earth shirt (ala Chalayan) to 20pieces of large pearl crosses on top of a plunging neckline, draped top (this proved to be controversial in Iloilo and I got gossiped when I wore this). My friends can actually attest that I don't say no to anything as long as I think it's edgy or fashionable. I have this reputation for being crazy in Iloilo.

But I'm so boring now.

So it was delightful for me to receive news that Gibo finally paraded the red shoes today. Not to be outdone by Kawadjan he not only pranced, 'i-fashion mo' style, but he also did some splits and cartwheels along the way. The verdict? He definitely werked Penang! And just to prove that ANYBODY can be my best model a co-worker of his wanted to order one, too!

Ikaw? When will you order?



The Zen Bitch said...

bongga ang shoeseses! i want one!

dear, i'm going to siem reap probably on the first week of october. i'd very much like to meet the person behind this blog i'd been reading (not sure if you're reading my blog, but that's absolutely fine) for coffee and some chikahan. if you don't mind, that is. please do let me know. you can email me at

thanks, dahling!

kawadjan said...

wonderful post, sweetie. i love it that you're writing more these days, although, i still love your pics of course. but i can see that you really have a sophisticated voice. nice job!

but honey, gibo doing cartwheels? hmmm... i want some proof.

Lyka Bergen said...

Galing ba kay Dorothy ang Red Mandals na toh?

mrs.j said...

ate bet ko din pwede din?


ym kez :jheydelacruz

ty :P

Gibo said...

naman, i cant imagine myself attending UN meetings and bilateral meetings with heads of governments wearing edgy clothes.

in short, depende rin kung ano bang ginagawa natin sa buhay that pays the bills.

in between, yan, keri ko yang karirin with the help of the online support group hahahahaha

cartwheel ba kawadjan? pwes, hintayin mo ang mga pics ko sa blog ko!


Kiks said...

hahahaha, start selling em shoes.

mga bakla, patronize DP!

i got myself a tee na. and want some more.