Friday, September 05, 2008

Laos on my Mind

So my Laos vacation with fellow bloggers, Kawadjan and Gibo, ended with us not being arrested by the police despite our desecration of almost all their heritage sites. Here you can see Kawadjan werking Phu Si, Luang Prabang. Sa clift yan ha! Fearless sa heights! Deadbol sya if he falls on the left side. I told him pa, "Um, can you balance your body facing down in one of those rocks?" He said, "I think mahuhulog na ako, pero sige I'll try." Hahaha!

Nagkasunburn ako dito waiting for Gibo's sunset.

Well, the whole collection was inspired by 'diaspora', which i translated to prints, tribal touches, layering and this current fascination of mine to create a collection of mixed pieces without any form of singular tying element. I'm loving how pieces are just mixed, with particular nonchalance. The shoes was somewhat too pastel for my taste but I needed the softness to counterbalance the graphic prints. Parang it worked naman. I've used lots of fabric and I even reworked ukay pieces to create one-offs.

"Sawa na ako sa kahihintay ng sunset na yan ha!" - Gibo

Here's our Sartorialist-ish shoot. Our model dressed on the streets mismo. I think we alienated the locals.

Here's Kawadjan doing the Lockjaw Girl pose. Fave to ni Gibo.

"Maghahire tayo ng mga local boys para may tagahawak ng bumbilya ko." - Gibo

A decent photoshoot should always include a jumping shot ala Caroline Trentini who's been jumping in all US Vogue since heaven knows when up to the present.

"Sensitive pa naman ako sa aking weight (sabay subo ng baguette)" - Kawadjan

There was a debate among us three to include this photo with the 3 nekkid tots. I swear Kawadjan werked that bridge pero those 3 little kids didn't mind him at all. Professionals! Jump lang sila ng jump. Well, anyway we debated because Gibo argued that it's not good to show nekkid kids because of some agency chu chu that frowns upon it and child porno whatever. Ewan ko ha but I always see nekkid kids in National Geographic, pictures of tribes and natives.

"Look at all those hill tribe people. Where do they live? Do they have a card?" - Kawadjan

I love this shot. Working with Kawadjan is such a breeze. Gibo will tell him to werk something or I would ask him to put on something and wala syang reklamo. Gibo is also the best photographer! The shoot is peppered with anecdotes from him. Despite his purple baby tee being soaked with sweat and all I didn't hear him say we can't shoot here or there.

Another proof how dedicated a model Kawadjan is: those rocks are scorching hot pero nakahiga pa rin sya.

at eto pa.

That's the river on his right and a calm pond on his left. He werked that slab of rock!

"There's something wrong with the picture" - Kawadjan

"Baka ikaw?" - Fuchsiaboy


The Zen Bitch said...

panalo ang photo shoot! dazzit!

kawadjan said...

wag mo namang ibuko na kumakain ako.

pero girl, winner talaga ang collection mo. i-fashion mo na yan sa fashion week and i'm sure, as melanie marquez said, you would sell hotcakes.

the spool artist said...

go go go kawadjan! magkano ba ang binayad ni don sa yo? do you know he's already selling your photos here individually sa temples na nilalako ng mga kids? hehehe.

Hyperballadry said...

Nice shots mate! Coming to Siem Reap again next year - have a look at the blog - get in touch.


Haha like the lock jaw pose. ka tahom sang shoes Don, where can I buy one? Colors?

fuchsiaboy said...

zen bitch - naku thanks!

kawadjan - gurrrl! (ruffa voice) ulitin natin.

spoolartist - ako ang binayaran ni kawadjan para gawin syang model! bwahahaha!

hyper - ohhh! nice blog. see ya!

buddha - those shoes can be ordered from me. i dont think my f/w08-09 will be available sa pinas.