Monday, September 22, 2008

Ukay boy

Where was ukay when I was growing up as a teen? I was so into Helmut Lang that time that it would have been so cool to have found this top. But I can't complain. What are the chances of me finding such piece in some smelly market? And at 5 pesos only!

I wasn't really into ukay before maybe because the ones I've encountered were depressing. Especially those coming from the US, I swear the selection is like boring, Gap here and Abercrombie& Fitch there. Totally uninspiring! See that gray Dries Van Noten top, almost new and with a Joyce label, came from Hong Kong, of course. Those thrift clothes from there and Japan are the best if you're a label whore like me. I mean, isn't it thrilling to find a DVN at 10 pesos?!

Another recent piece I'm so excited about is this Comme des Garcons Homme tee my friend Mike found for me. A little expensive at 100 pesos, it's something I've always wanted to buy but thought to be so expensive for a regular tee. The 'bastusan' print (to borrow CVS's term) makes it all the more different and so extra yummy!

On the contrary, I'm not anymore a label snob now that everything I find is so dirt cheap. This 'co tank top is just pure love. Made in Japan, it simply uses the softest cotton. At 5 pesos.

Another 5 pesos buy is this gray zip sweater with a glittery fabric. Medyo, the weather is quite erratic these days and it's good to have something on hand to shield you from the elements. No label at all but could have been a Margiela for the feel and cut.

These 2 shorts, graphic printed and the other a gingham fabric, are perfect for some lazy Saturday eclavu.

I've recently discovered my love for walking shorts. It's so casual here, from where I am. At least, even when I'm looking casual I don't like I'm part of the military surplus brigade, you know, guys in khaki cargo shorts and very loose tee. Ewww!

Last Sunday I got the 5 pesos surprise of my life when I pulled this Comme des Garcons Shirt button down from the heap. Haven't worn it yet but i'm just enjoying the fact that the cost of it is like a piece of gum.

Do you go thrift shopping also?


mrs.j said...

i envy u tlaga grrr!1

paolo said...

Oui! Comme Des Garcon!!

Gayzha said...

I just luve ukay hunting ... you just don't know what treasures you find...last time i bought an original lv bag for only ten peysos since the tindera did not know what she was selling, can u imagine??? And yeis, I agree that those from Korea, Japan are the best ukays ever!