Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Luang Prabang

First picture I took of the view outside my room.

I miss Luang Prabang. I was sleeping like a baby there. No work to think, no nothing. It was just vacation bliss. I've never felt that same thing in other places I've been to. I could imagine myself living there, actually.

Look at the monk statuette and the boy. I wonder what it feels like growing up in this place?

I swear I'm coming back. So many nooks and crannies that I've still to explore.

There is that sense of calm I've felt there.

It's a nice place to grow old because everything seems to be in this unhurried pace.


kawadjan said...

awwww... brings back memories.

Gibo said...

tinuod day? u slept like a baby? you didn't hear my symphony orchestra aka snoring?

The Zen Bitch said...

lovely photos! lalo lang nangati ang aking mga paa na lumarga na pumunta sa laos! now nah!

fuchsiaboy said...

kawadjan - esp yung amoy ng mga boy friends mo sa likod ng van. ewwwwww!!!

gibo - pareho kayo ng hilik ng tatay ko kasi so sanay na ako. at tsaka nag blending naman kayo ni kawadjan.

zen bitch - sigurado ka di yan fungal infection ang sa paa mo? chos!

the spool artist said...

sige na nga, i'm buying a ticket to Luang Prabang tomorrow!

Hyperballadry said...

how gorgeous is Luang Prabang?! I absolutely loved it there - some of my pics are on my flickr - have a look see. Did you go to the waterfalls? really liking the article on skirts - very interesting and spot on. its like anything - living in the west everything becomes so homogenised and uniform that those kind of garments move from the ordinary (save for Scotland) to the extra, and then wearing one you end up constantly being conscious of how people look at you. Imagine is much the same is asia with the rush towards westernisation, especially in Vietnam and Cambodia. Views?

fuchsiaboy said...

oh LP was fantastic, amazing!

Re the skirt, I guess so. It baffles me how strong the influence of the Western world towards the view of a piece of clothing, I see Cambodians wearing sarongs here and it's actually quite normal also before in the Philippines called patadyong. But now it seems most Pinoys think skirts are feminine when in fact it's neither femme nor masculine. Using one doesn't make you become less or more of the attribute given to it.