Saturday, December 19, 2009

7, 2nd fl.

My friend Kawadjan was instrumental in bringing me to this hidden gem somewhere in the inner bowels of Siam Square. I remember passing by this movie cinema and then walking up a flight of stairs. A little bit of curiosity and bravery (the building looks rundown in a sort of cool, hipster kind of way) and you will discover a row of cool shops and art galleries. 7, 2nd fl. is one of those shops you have to enter.

The sign outside says it all: 'SECONDHAND'! Was I excited or what?!

OMG! It's so cool. I'm so inspired just by being there. I was thanking Kawadjan profusely and telling him it's such an inspiration for me to go there. I don't know how to articulate it except I understand what the owners of the shop are trying to do.

The secondhand pieces they were selling are edited according to the impeccable taste of the shop owners. There's a sort of country slash bohemian feel to the selections. Think Laura Ashley meets Luella Bartley. Lots of pale colors, flowers and dusty browns.

I was urging Kawadjan to buy this early 80's Calvin Klein top but he deemed it too 'feminine' for his taste.

I got lucky and found this Issey Miyake wrinkled top. Earlier that day I passed by the Pleats Please Issey Miyake store and drooled over the pieces on sale. A regular priced top cost around $300. I was definitely ecstatic to find a pleated number and a main line piece pa! It cost me 600baht only and I got a discount voucher for use when I return. Of course, they will see me again. LOL!

Kawadjan was more inclined to get this printed chiffon piece he finds perfect as a beach cover-up. He was so into houndstooth and polka dots, and what better piece than having both in one piece.

I don't know if you can see but the white button down he's wearing has houndstooth pattern, also.

Aside from selling secondhand clothing, they also sell brand new clothes designed by the shop owners called TaaToh and Sritala.

I tried this really cool jacket from TaaToh. It's gonna be on my must-buy list.

TaaToh means owl and you can see that in the label. I think it's cute.

Here's Kawadjan having a laugh with the owner/designer of 7, 2nd fl.

My friend Loven would totally drool over those vintage suitcases at the back.


toxic disco boy said...

taray. looks like a fun place... and 600 baht is like 800 pesos right? keri na. haha. ^^

blagadag said...

feel ko rin yung jacket. parang gusto ko tuloy mag stop over a.k.a. state visit ng bengcock pag uwi ko. kung kilala ko sana si miss bamboo.

mel beckham said...

the jacket is to die for. naku, wala na yan sa next visit mo Ate Don. hehe

fuchsiaboy said...

toxic - and it's issey miyake mainline at pleated! you know how i adore issey miyake.

blagadag - i can introduce you to kawadjan. he doesn't bite naman.

mel - marami pa namang ibang style dun and i'm sure it's gonna be a classic.