Tuesday, December 08, 2009

AIDS tee Love and Other wicked Stuff

You all know I'm such a fan of Maison Martin Margiela AIDS tee, right? My goal is to collect all the colorways it has produced. Now that it's really confirmed Martin Margiela left the label he started, it makes it more urgent for me to get my hands on the stuff that he was involved with. I was so lucky with my last visit home because Mike gave me this AIDS tee he got from the thriftshop. That's 3 of my Margiela from the ukay! The most memorable was the white on white version which they released for their 10th anniversary. I got it for P100 on the sale bin. The one shown here is the spring/summer 2006 edition and I'm over the moon to have it as an addition to my growing collection.

While in Manila, Peer Banas, gave me one of his pants that he designed. Actually, I forced him to give it to me. He's one of the most talented Ilonggo young designers I know. I'm a fan of his designs.

For sentimental reasons I wanted to keep this tee from the collaborative line we did with a group of friends from before. It's called Tikalon (bragart) tee and features the statement slogan that was popular a while back. We had fun creating our own 'hyped' statements bearing our names. It proved to be quite popular that time but I moved on to newer styles and totally abandoned the project when I left Iloilo.


toxic disco boy said...

taray! ganda nung pants... kelan kaya ako maka hanap ng margiela sa ukay ulet?

fuchsiaboy said...

im sure you will find again a new mmm ikaw pa!