Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Blah, blah, blah...

I've been busy lately hence the major lag of my posts. The month long vacation was such a good thing for moi but also made a lot of the pending stuff (that I badly need to finish) to pile up. For some, the holiday season means being able to afford travel and relax. But for us folks here who survive and depend on the major flow of tourists the last thing on our minds is to travel and do the relax bit. Just today I'm panicking on finishing preparations for the opening of a new exhibit in the Arts Lounge on Saturday. I'm not always in the Arts Lounge now and it sort of becomes my 'part-time' job so that I have some days where I'm concentrating on Poetry and designing my clothes. So it was designing I did this past weekend until Monday. I actually began doing the pieces for s/s 2010 and selling them at the store ahead of schedule. New fabrics from Phnom Penh arrived last Friday so that got my juices flowing to cut some new cardigans and tee.

Just tonight I finished draping Faith's gown for her to wear in the Aman party plus some orders from clients. I wasn't too keen of accepting made-to-measure pieces before and I totally believe I'm more into ready-to-wear. I'm just glad the few clients I have now understand my style and we usually just tweak an existing design for them. I don't think I can handle the pressure of totally going made-to-measure full time.

Come December 31 I'l be having two major events on my hand. There's going to be an event at the Arts Lounge early in the evening and a fashion show with Loven and Elizabeth later in the evening at FCC. I haven't really started thinking of the pieces I'm showing for the show and I'll just probably do it after this Saturday opening. There's also the cantata scarves I promised to make for the church and I can't actually remember when we will need it. I'll have to rush a sample tomorrow so I can have it approved so that we can start with it pronto.

If it sounds like I'm rambling here about my to-do list then maybe this is what it is. I've been itching to blog the whole day but I didn't find the time earlier. I was supposed to blog about my new hair and the FIDA (Fabric Industry Development Authority) piece I designed. I also wanted to share about this cool, young couple I've been obsessing lately because of their wonderful sense of style. This new hair seems to be doing something for me. I'm quite full of energy to just jump and do things all at the same time. Yesterday I cleaned my workspace and it even surprised Loven because I NEVER ever clean my working table. I said it's the hair! I even organized my fabric by MYSELF, which I usually don't do since I let our staff do it. I actually even instructed my seamstress to do it but then changed my mind when I saw the pile of stuff on the floor. It's all color coordinated now and neatly piled. The next thing I'm going to do is edit my archives and probably start doing the 2 major 'projects' I've committed myself in doing. I will talk about it next time when I actually have STARTED with it already. So yeah, it's the hair.

I had dinner with Liz and Loven at V&A (which will transfer to the IVY 2 soon) and we all lamented how we never even started with our Christmas gift shopping. 'Too busy' was our excuse, of course. I checked ebay a while earlier to see if there's anything interesting to acquire for MYSELF (yeah, selfish moi!). One lot made my heart skip faster:

Six pieces of Helmut Lang shirt in MY size!

I know it's used and all but I could not explain my OBSESSION with Helmut Lang and his designs. I fervently wish this for Christmas. Can anybody please win this lot for me? See it here.

My sister got me an orange HL windbreaker last week and I'm so happy about it. I specifically like the old pieces because it was designed by Helmut himself. The recent ones, although nice and captures the same spirit, are now designed by the Colovos couple. So my friends, if you have some old HL piece you don't wear or maybe you saw one in the thrift shop, do remember me.

That's it for now just so you know I'm still here.


Lyka Bergen said...

Ey! Sorry I cannot get that Helmut Lang vest for you. Too complicated. Ill tell you later.

fuchsiaboy said...

hey! no probs. ;)