Sunday, December 13, 2009


Picked this spiky number in one of those no-name stalls in JJ. For 100baht, it has become my fave wrist adornment lately along with a 'snake' bracelet from Marc by Marc Jacobs.

Between Greyhound and Playhound, it's the latter that's more quirky and fun. And I tend to buy more Playhound because the prices are neat and they always seem to present more varied styles. Me and my friends (especially the ones residing in Bangkok like Kawadjan) noticed that Greyhound keeps repeating the same old moody, dark and tailored pieces. The designs are good and yummy wearable, don't get me wrong. But if you've been a fan you'd be bored with the same old stuff, non? Both labels are produced by the same company, btw.

Anyway, I was bummed when I fitted this trompe l'oeil shorts by Playhound because it didn't fit me and it's the only one they have. I really wanted to buy it.

The photoprint is so amazing! It's a white shorts printed with this tattered denim shorts.

It's a small and I'm a medium. Darn, no worries though. It's still part of their spring/summer collection and they will have new stocks coming. I'm pretty sure I'll have it in my hands next time I'm in Bangkok.

I really, really, love this. Tsk, tsk...

Passed by TipayaphongPoosanaphong's store and I could'nt help but steal a shot.

Cute, non?


toxic disco boy said...

the shorts are nice! bakit kaya wala nang greyhound playhound here in Manille...

StyleAnywhere said...

very cute!