Friday, December 25, 2009


How's your Christmas? Mine was great despite not having my family with me. Anyway, I'l post about that soonest. Let me tell you first about my remaining Bangkok adventure. Gosh, I'm so, sooooo behind this. Been very busy lately and lots of other complications too boring to explain.

Anyway, I took that photo of Ronald McDonald in Khao San where I met up with Kawadjan.

Khaon San is backpackers central and it's quite interesting to see it. Just not something I enjoy when I'm in Bangkok. So I don't go there unless necessary.

The plan was to meet there and walk up to this restaurant that Kawadjan wanted to try for the longest time. It's not in Khao san backpackers area but somewhere around that place. We had a fair amount of walking, actually.

Then we found it. Problem was it was closed.

So we decided to have lunch in one of those river resto.

We had to pass by the street sellers at Tha Tien Market, of course. Very interesting and simply weird at the same time. I mean, they sell the weirdest of things like dentures and antique stuff.

I begged Kawadjan to find an aircon resto. It was so humid that time.

I gave K some of my s/s 2010 accessories.

Apres lunch, we boarded a ferry to go to this market selling vintage stuff.

Of course, K had to werq it.

Wang Lang Market is ukayan central! K told me Face Hunter went there, too. A lot of fasyon Thais find loots their for their outfits.

Amidst the sea of shoes, a little Fashion Diary wouldn't hurt:

Top: DP tank,

Bottom: Vivienne Westwood Man

Accessories: Muji sneakers, American Apparel bag

Belts galore! I should have bought one, tsk, tsk.

I really thought I found a real score but was sorely disappointed because of the miss-spell. And they were selling it for 1500baht!?

But there were other stores selling REAL Westwood, Gucci, Chanel and other brands. I didn't find anything I fancied and I was really bent on looking for a Helmut Lang bag. But it was FUN for me. Plan to go back there next time.

Another ferry ride back to the city.

We met up with Bubbles at Central and spent the night blabbing about stuff over beer. What a way to end my latest Bangkok trip.

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