Thursday, December 03, 2009

Atelier Bo Parcon Opens

Bo P. finally took the plunge and opened his eponymous store in Robinsons Iloilo.

The blessing was quite brief and quite meaningful. Miguel Cordova of Afrique's (one of Bo's closest friend) catered the event.

Now, all of us have our own shops! The Designers Guild of Iloilo has come a long way. I remember our first 'guerilla' shop and it was so exciting for me to be doing it with the gang. From left: Jaki Penalosa, Ette Ragus, Bo Parcon and moi. MIA: Cathy Ebrada Cleveland who's in Washington (?) and Sol Fernandez (Manila that time). I like this photo.

Lots of our friends supported Bo. Aisha with her friend Peabo.

Here's Bo with one of his politician client, Lex Tupas, Iloilo city councilor and son of the Iloilo governor.

Bo with longtime friends Aldrich Aparichio, Richie Garcia and 'Ma'am' Nacy Hechanova.

One of Bo's favorite models, Sarah Jaleco with Jaki Penalosa.

The young designers whom Bo mentored also came. Mike Sorilla, Dodie Tan, Robinsons' PR Rofel John Parreno and Marvin Banaag.

Ilonggo iconoclast Nonoi Ybiernas with Mezzo Magazine's Joann Pijuan was there.

It's nice to attend an opening at Robinsons. I used to work there and my team includes Rofel, formerly my 'Emily' (joke!), lol! He's handling pr for the Visayas malls I think.

Here's moi with Stella Hembra who was with me in the pr department also.


Lyka Bergen said...

Where was Ria?

fuchsiaboy said...

She wasn't invited. Chos!

toxic disco boy said...

exciting. i wanna see his clothes too.

fuchsiaboy said...

you will love his tailored pieces. he's one of the best.