Thursday, December 10, 2009

Bangkok (Again!)

THE Kawadjan, my BFF in Bangkok, slotted me in his busy schedule of charity events, ribbon cuttings and feeding programs, to accompany his slumdog friend for some escapist sightseeing. Muji is always the default meeting place and purposely restrained myself from buying some more of their paper products that I hoard. I'm glad Kiks gave me the red canvas sneaks from Muji Japan so it was easy for me to let go of the olive green leather sneaks I'm considering buying next time.

Liz and Andy were there, too!

We checked out Suam Lun Night Market. This skull phone looks so tacky in a fun way.

Fashion Diary, of course!

Top: given by Jaki Penalosa. I forgot the brand but it's so cool. I can hike it up and make the collar into a hoodie.

Bottom: DP pants

Shoes: Muji

Bag: Jeremy Scott x Longchamp 'Stomp' Le Pliage

Kawadjan's Kloset:

Top: Marc by Marc Jacobs tee

Bottom: some cheap jeans probably brought in Khaosan

Bag: dotted 7,2nd Fl. tote

Shoes: New Balance

Neckpiece: DP tassel necklace

Watch: plastic thingy I gave him before

Shopping sure makes K hungry! Here I snapped him as he's inhaling a can of Pringles.

The only thing I bought in there was this 'robot' necklace inspired by the popular PRADA keychains. I think 'he' looks funny. I wanted to check out One Hidden Agenda but they were close for that day. There's a lot of cute stuff and wonderfully designed clothes being peddled there. I guess, my only 'thing' is that there's stuff you can buy at JJ for less but there's other stuff you can only buy at Suam Lun. The local labels are the worth the check.

In the Whitehouse guesthouse that I stayed I snapped this 'what do you call that?' wall decor for Loven. He's been looking for something similar like that to decorate the house and Poetry.

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