Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Some things...

At Genevieve Gozum in Iloilo, I really like those hanging acrylics on their ceiling. I was there to buy some metal bracelets which I ended up not using because it's just too heavy.

My sister is becoming a Longchamp fan herself. Her bag is from the f/w 2007 collection. I forgot what's it called. It's quilted fabric and it looks really lush to touch.

Had so much stuff going when I was in Iloilo. I was able to squeeze a jacket design for Mega and it's Bo Parcon who did my pattern for moi. He's really good at it and I would hire him as my patternmaker if only I could afford his rate. LOL! Can't wait to see the shoot in Mega.

I also did a shoot for F magazine in Iloilo and who better to assist me than Bo Parcon, again! It's like the old days and I really miss working with Bo. We had Ray Tabafunda as our photographer and it's shot in Bo's new shop. Love the red walls!

Then Bo and I also directed Aisha Penalosa's gala fashion show at the fountain area of Robinsons.

Like we had to wrap the whole area with cloth to change the mood and ambiance of the space.

Moi, just before the show starts. So it wasn't just lazing around for moi in Iloilo. I also did a photoshoot with Mezzo Magazine and I can't wait to see the printed page. I had fun doing that shoot.

I ate obscene amounts of pizza in Iloilo. You'd think I'm in Milan. Miguel bought several hotsauce from the US and we tried all of them to see which is the hottest. Most of them wasn't that hot at all except for one that really burns like forever! Yup, it's very hot!

It starts very mild at first without the sting, actually, and then gradually 'bites back'.

With all the stuff I did it was good to escape at the spas there. Has a good hot stone massage at Anea Spa which embarassingly left me drooling on my sleep. The reception area of Chair looks like a bar and the back massage there is amazing.


Lyka Bergen said...

Interesting. When can I be ur asst?

becx said...

Gosh it's a tough life isn't it?! Just kidding. I love reading about your adventures! Stay fab. Becx

fuchsiaboy said...

lyka - whenever youre around dear

becx - hard life but someone's gotta do it ;)