Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas 2009

How was your Christmas?

Mine officially started when we had a cantata at church. I invited my bff Eliz to see it and she came.

It was really fun. Loven and Faith directed the choir and I took care of the costume. So festive in green and red, non?

Tapos in the evening we had dinner at church. For the gift-giving I wrapped mine like that. It's still so very moi, right?

Been feeling colors and brights. I'm quite shocked myself that I'm doing colorblocking for my collection for this fashion show I'm doing on new year's eve. That's why I've been wearing bright colors these past weeks.

The Love group guys presented a song number. I think we stole the spotlight from Clave who was the lead singer (in red). We were back-up dancers. It was tres, tres fun!

Then Christmas eve we had a party at home with a lot of international friends. Here I'm with Kim from New York (who brought Adam), and Liz. The CFI guys Pierre and Romain with their friends also came. We also invited Agnes and her husband Stefan, who will be migrating to Melbourn soon. John and his girlfriend was there, too. It was a shame Laddang, Sophea and Michael didn't come.

The latest Reaper, Leigh of New York!

Leigh took this picture of me and Connor (from L.A.) who was so into his cake.

Eliz, Romain, Pierre and Kimberly.

The next day, the CFI guys invited us for lunch at Abacus, a sort of celebration for their successful program here in Cambodia. CFI is Coalition for Financial Independence.

I forgot to take a picture of the delicious salmon mouse with seaweeds for the little palate teaser. Then for starters I had this smoked salmon salad. So simple yet so delish!

For my main I opted for fish on top of crab fillet. I forgot what the sauce is called but it was very mildly flavored.

Then dessert came as vanilla and chocolate mouse log. Had champagne and red wine. A lot!

It was so nice to let our hair down after all the Christmas preparations we did.

Moi and Eliz.

Leigh and Connor wanted to check out the thriftshops so I brought them to Sah Krolayn market and the thriftstore near Bodia Spa. Leigh got some stuff she will use for her color stories while Connor got a shirt, tie and pants for his New Year outfit. Then we three headed to Picasso and had cocktails.

From cocktails I went home and had another dinner party with the Love group. There's Cielo, Faith, Nika and Sreynea.

Nika's daughter Apso is so chic, non?

The kids: Apso, Freedom, Isak, Bryce and Brandon

Moi, Blady, Richard, Rattana and Loven. I showed them the videos of my fashion shows. There were lots of gifts being passed around. I'm so glad I'm not working this holiday season unlike last year.

Hope you had a good one!:)


toxic disco boy said...

in love with ur 3rd outfit! that pants. just wow. at ang cute ng band jacket. ^^

fuchsiaboy said...

jacket is by eley kishimoto, one of my fave brands. love, love, love it! the pants is by bo parcon.