Thursday, April 05, 2012

Bo And Miguel In Siem Reap

Our group took the land route from Bangkok to Siem Reap. Except for moi, Tita Jaki and Bo, it was the first time for everyone. At Poipet we had to ride a tuktuk from the immigration rotunda to the office of my travel agent. We had to board the van there to avoid police corruption asking money from the drivers. Such a waste of time but sadly that's how it is.

After freshening up we had a very late lunch at Khmer Kitchen. It's tradition to order Amok fish, of course.

Miguel brought me some Labahita con Oliva, salted dried fish in olive oil and spices. It goes very well with malasado style scrambled eggs. And heaps of rice! Let's just say I expected my diet to be ruined the moment this visit was planned.

Later in the evening we had dinner at 1961. Loven and Faith hosted it.

As to be expected we had a wonderful visual extravaganza of yummy treats.

We talked about the latest news and gossips happening in Iloilo. Tired from the trip we decided to tuck in a bit early and not explore town anymore.

The next day I had lunch with Miguel and Bo at Moloppor. Tita Jaki explored the local market so we were left on our own. Still feeling the effects of our Bangkok adventure we decided to just chill out and experience my usual Siem Reap pace.

From Moloppor we transferred to Blue Pumpkin because they wanted to chill-out in an airconditioned place. BP is a haven in the afternoon when the Siem Reap sun can be so unforgiving.

I asked Miguel to take a picture of me smiling and honestly I'm scaring myself when I see this. Anyhoot, we just vegged out in BP talking about Bo's love life and the sudden crises that happened because of some funny circumstances happening back home.

Apres, we moved to Art Deli. We had an early cocktails, more tsika and got hungry. This salmon carpaccio from Trattoria Italiana was a wonderful revelation. We totally enjoyed it so much.

It's like back in Iloilo where we hang-out at Miguel's restaurants, either at Esca's or Afrique's. I'm smiling again at this picture, urgh!

For dinner we decided to go to Shabu House for some suki soup style dining and eat-all-you-can sushi. Let's just say I became obese instantly after dinner.

The guys wanted to chill-out so we I brought them to Miss Wong. They have delish concoction there so I wanted Miguel to try it.

We met-up with Soap and Franco who was in town for a photoshoot for F Magazine. It was a slow night and they wanted to have a massage so we didn't stay up late.

On the third day, Tita Jaki and her family headed back to Bangkok for their flight to Manila the next day. Bo and Miguel stayed and we met up at AHA for lunch with Franco.

There's a lot of new dishes to try and I was so excited to try it. In the end, it was the Honeycomb Ice Cream that emerged as the winner among the stuff we ordered. Miguel was so enamored with it so it means it's that good. Miguel is one of the best chef I know and I'm not saying that just because we're friends.

Miguel and Bo were not really into cultural stuff and all, so we had a very 'edited' tour of Angkor Wat. It's probably the fastest tour of Angkor Wat I've taken, which I'm not complaining. Hehehe! Apres, we checked out Amansara courtesy of Faith. Don't we love it there? I really consider it my home. Or rather I'd like to think it's my home, hahaha! I'll never get tired of coming to Amansara. Faith showed the rooms and we had drinks and cake.

Miguel wanted some street food so we had dinner at the Pub Street area.

It reminded me of Dinagyang where we eat streetside.

Grilled meat and seafoods! It feels like Boracay, too, minus the beach.

For desserts, we decided to try the ice cream thingy of these Japanese students who were selling those stuff to raise money for charity.

Eat ice cream and help the kids of the Cambodia, how can you beat that?

The next day we were off to Phnom Penh.

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