Saturday, April 21, 2012

It Is Not As Simple As It Looks

Random thoughts about the clothes I wear:

I never liked wearing gray before and only learned to love the color when I came here in Cambodia.

Top - K2 jacket + Seven Heaven tee, bottom - Hill House, shoes - DM's, bag - ArtBerg.

I've been getting a few pieces from this label called Made In The Earth that really suits my style. The slouchy tee I'm wearing is from that brand. I also have an oversized tank and a vest, too. The leather bag is made in Argentina and artisan made. I got it from the thriftshop but you can tell it has good quality. It's huge and can be a weekend bag. It's only a few years back that I've learned to appreciate the beauty of a good bag. Before I'm just contented with pleather and shody construction. My conversion came when I started travelling and realized the practicality of well-made bags and luggages. You don't want to experience the embarassment and hassle of a faulty handcarry and check-in like what happened to my friend. His luggage 'exploded' all the secret it stored and my friend had to pick dirty underwear and his other stuff on the conveyor belt of the airport. Scrimp on other stuff but not your luggage.

Top - Made In The Earth tee, bottom - DP harem pants, shoes - Converse, bag - from Argentina, necklace - OS 'Birdskull'.

There are days when I get tired of my drapey style and wanted to look pulled together and structured. I want to feel the snug fit of a tailored piece like a sheath of armor. This Burberry jacket fits my frame so well. I really can't do the whole dapper/dandy style so I always inject something rugged whenever I wear something I consider 'formal', hence, the DM's, jeans and tee.

Top - Burberry jacket + Another Place tee, bottom - Uniqlo jeans, shoes - DM's, bag - ArtBerg.

You really can't see the detail here but the vest I'm wearing is the one below.

I got this vest from one of my fave Thai labels, The Alchemists. It is designed by Seksarit Thanaprasittikul, a former intern of Ann Demeulemeester, so definitely you can see similarities in vibe. This piece is from 2011 collection and I love it's multi-belted design! Actually, it's the only Thai brand I collect obsessively.

Top - The Alchemists vest + SHIPS tee, bottom - Marcus camo pants, shoes - DM's, bag ArtBerg, bracelet - Marc by Marc Jacobs.

This vest is from my first collection (spring/summer 2008) when I transferred here in Siem Reap. The fabric I used is a traditional woven cotton with diamond pattern from Takeo. My intention when I designed this piece was to utilize a local material in my urban style.

Top - DP Takeo Weave vest + Another Place tee, bottom - Muji pants, shoes - Converse.

Kansai Yamamoto is one designer whose work I obsessively collect because I really respect his vision and I value how important his contribution to fashion. He is one of the leaders in contemporary Japanese fashion during the 70's and 80's. I also like how he's a bit obscure to many so-called fashion enthusiasts and vintage re-sellers because there's little demand for his wares. And I think it's really difficult to come across his pieces now. Luckily for me, I have a thrift store that sells stuff from Japan and I grab whatever I can get my hands to. I'm wearing a Kansai Yamamoto knit biker jacket in midnight blue, a rather sedate piece, compared to his more exuberant style, which he is known for.

Top - Kansai Yamamoto jacket + Calvin Klein tee, bottom - DP pants, shoes - Vans, bag - ArtBerg.

Another Japanese designer I love collecting is Takeo Kikuchi. He was also popular during the 80's and influenced a style movement globally. I'm wearing a velvet jacket of his.

Top - Takeo Kikuchi jacket + Another Place tee, bottom - Levi's 501 jeans, shoes - Kangol, bag - ArtBerg.

Another designer you don't often read on fashion blogs is Ozwald Boateng, a British fashion designer of Ghanaian descent. He is known for his witty and often twisted take on classic British tailoring. The jacket I'm wearing is another one of my thrifted finds. When I found the Ozwald Boateng jacket it came with a Jean Paul Gaultier pocket square.

Top - Ozwald Boateng jacket + Jean Paul Gaultier pocket square + Another Place tee, bottom - Kapital Jeans, shoes - Muji, bag - American Apparel.

One shirt I often wear is this Jenny Mark piece with tie dye detail. It's just so easy to wear and the cut really fulfills my criteria for tops I wear: comfy, a bit oversized and interesting. I don't know how many times it has appeared in my fashion diary, already.

Top - Jenny Mark tee + PAID vest, bottom - EDITED, shoes - Converse, bracelet - Christian Shinohara.

The usual pieces in my wardrobe but styled differently.

If you notice I always wear an Another Place tee. It's a Thai brand and I wear their shirt all the time. I buy only one style but in different muted colors.

Top - The Alchemists vest + Another Place tee, bottom - Muji pants, shoes - Converse, bag - ArtBerg.

I've been liking wearing a sleeveless suit, lately. I got this blazer in the thriftshop, chopped it's sleeve and had it's edges folded in. It's much more suitable for the climate here in Cambodia.

Top - Vivienne Westwood Man draped top + sleeveless blazer, bottom - Kapital jeans, shoes - Vans, bag - ArtBerg.

The striped shirt I'm wearing is GOMME, a Japanese label designed by Hiroshige Maki. He was a design assistant by Yohji Yamamoto for 10 years. The curved and uneven hem (longer at the back) makes this tee a little bit interesting for me.

Top - GOMME shirt, bottom - Gap jeans, shoes - DM's, bag - Peter Pilotto x Kipling, bracelets - Marc Jacobs, Robotang, DP, Mango.

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