Saturday, April 28, 2012

Seeing Red

One bright color I can't do without is red. It's one of the few colors I've really embraced in my wardrobe. I do like acid yellow and fuchsia pink (hence my Fuchsiaboy name) but not so much as wear it all the time. I associate fuchsia to punk, really, although it's more to do with the punk inspiration that Helmut Lang used in his work. Red was also another color Helmut used as a punctuation in many of his collections.

This piece from HL's spring/summer 95 collection is something I always remember for it's use of splashes of red. Another collection from f/w 96, where you can see touches of red mixed with olive green, is an eternal inspiration for me. See the video here.

I think I'll be collecting more red pieces to include in my wardrobe.

Fashion Diary:

top - Ouki tee + The Alchemists vest

bottom - Izzue pants

shoes - Muji

bag - Zucca.

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