Saturday, April 21, 2012


Last month, I adopted two pets and it all happened almost simultaneously that I didn't even realized what I'm getting into. But don't get me wrong, yes, having pets, and two at that, can be very challenging but I enjoy every moment of taking care of them. My apartment is not so quiet anymore, especially when both of them get into a fight like, well, cats and dogs, LOL!

Celine is a black Burmese cat I picked up in the breakfast place I always frequent. I haven't seen her there before but she really caught my attention the first time I saw her. I asked the people there if I could have her and they gave her to me. Cats are really easy to take care as long as you provide them with what they need. As long as they have food, water and a litter box, it's all good. No need to struggle about their smelly poo. I've been deligent in cleaning and changing her litter so my house doesn't smell. The first night I brought Celine I thought she escaped from my apartment. I read that cats can sometimes take weeks to adjust to new places but I'm glad after a week she warmed up to me. She's a sweet and playful cat.

About a week after I got Celine, I was offered to adopt Samson, a two color, deer-head Chihuahua. He's a bad boy and a handful, I'm telling you. But I love him to bits. I never realized I would be this obsessive in researching information about his breed. He has this wooly blanket that he arranges into a mound that he likes to bury into. He can be a fickle eater but my trick is to change his food constantly. At first I was having a hard time controlling his hyper-active nature but it was heaven sent that I watched an episode of Cesar Millan's show, Dog Whisperer, and really learned valuable tips. It took me about a week to train him to sit, get used to the leash and walk. Potty training took about a week, too. Now, he's so easy to manage except taking a bath because he really doesn't like it. Of course, he really doesn't have a choice because he's just so small so it's easy for me to hold him while he squirms like a lunatic.

At first, I thought I would regret having two pets instantly but I'm so happy I have them both in my life.

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