Friday, October 03, 2008


For the lack of drama in my life I'm quite happy to note some very interesting happenings in the lives of my friends. Of course the culprit is love. What else is there to be dramatic about better than love? Thousands of love stories, movies and songs are out there to prove the joy and pain, the despair and hope, that love can bring.

I've loved a few times in my life and got hurt because of rejection and circumstances beyond control. I'm still not lucky to find the one for me. Not that I'm actively looking. On the contrary I've consciously decided not to look. Para I don't get disappointed. Pero I'm a hopeless romantic not to believe in love because if it works I know it's explosive, volatile and quite fantastic. Di ba a lot describe it as some sort of chemical reaction?

You know what I mean.

I was just over Kawadjan's blog and he recounted a bittersweet, funny incident in his life recently that made me think about love. See here.

Over at Loven's, a celebration of love, mixed with insights about things that really matter made me sniff a little. Basta, you read it here.

And speaking about love, and this one of the shallow kind, I'm quite loving these tees from Maison Martin Margiela.


blagadag said...

panalo mga tee. ano kaya magandang tee sa isang big belly gay na kagaya ko?

Gibo. said...

"I'm still not lucky to find the one for me."


I break na ang silence at magkwento na! I break na ang fashion mode ng blog na ito, palitan ang love mo sa mga shirts na ito ng iyong tutuong love kay "___".

the spool artist said...

And to think you get a LOT of indecent proposals here in Cambodia! Sobra kasing unreachable ang qualifications mo eh. Baba-an mo naman ng konti!

Seriously, love is fluttering out there for you. You just have to keep your eyes off a little bit away from the ukay and to those who knock their doors on you...


fuchsiaboy said...

blagadag - xl tee? chos!

gibo - it's complicated

spool - i'd rather go ukay, promise. bwahahahaha!