Thursday, October 02, 2008


Accepting the position of curator for the Art Lounge was quite a big step for me. Firstly, I didn't study art nor did I take a course which is related to the Humanities, at least. I studied Biology in college. Secondly, I haven't worked for a gallery before. Sure, I've organized art exhibitions and joined art shows before but I don't think it's enough. So you would understand a little bit of my doubt and insecurity about my work. Added to my intimidation was when I arrived the whole Arts Lounge set-up was a little bit of a mess. The previous curator just left a couple of paper outlining this and that but basically it was up to me to figure things out. Thank goodness our GM, all the managers and staff gave me all the support.

Not only that, maybe it was my insecurity kicking in also but I felt a little hostility from some other gallery curators, wondering mad why a reputable hotel would hand in the reins of the Arts Lounge to a nobody like me.

But I'm hard headed and opinionated, too. My mantra is ' Die Trying!' Hahaha!

'Teardrops' by EM Riem is officially my 4th curated show. It was an accident that I saw his work in one of my wanderings in Phnom Penh. It's always been instinctual for me when it comes to art and this series based on the Toul Sleung prison pictures during the Khmer Rouge was for me an encapsulation of something so horrible and dark in their history without being too graphic or gory about it. I don't know if it makes sense but good art for me is when my hairs stand on its end the first time I see it. It's the same thing for me when I buy clothes. If I don't feel anything I don't think I'd be very interested at all.

The portrait of a young Khmer guy is my favorite among the collection. He looks so proud and defiant. I guess, very much like my attitude when it comes to the choices I make.

(And yes Kawadjan, it's all in the mood)

And so, 32 sold pieces later I'm happy to close this SOLD OUT show, a precedent of more sold out shows to come!


kawadjan said...

hahahaha. mood my skinny ass, love.
but then, why should i contest your "mood approach" to art. obviously winner cya. congrats, dahling.


blagadag said...

mood? it must have been instinct, impulse and passion. congratulations. wow. love had sold a lot ang now, dp. you two are really great. kudos.

Anonymous said...

Dear St. Nick,

Although its 3 months before Christmas, Don has been a very good boy.. he deserves THE BALENCIAGA for all his hard work.

Truly Yours,


fuchsiaboy said...

kawadjan - di pa nagkakamali ang mood approach ko. not all things are meant to be calculated or planned. sometimes you just have to follow the mood.

blagadag - thanks! yes, mood sya talaga, promise.

me - classic balenciaga in black or pewter lang naman i want. keri na rin ang red. ;)