Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Sokuntevy Ouer at the ARTS LOUNGE

Entitled, 'sTARsIGNs', the latest exhibit at the Arts Lounge features the surrealistic and highly imaginative works of one of Cambodia's leading female contemporary artists, Sokuntevy Ouer. Based on horoscopes and star signs, her exploration and manipulation of found materials, hand made paper, wire, mixed with paint and coffee for texture produced a hybrid man/beast pieces that truly assault your sensibility. Either you love it or you hate it!

Here you can see her interpretation of the dog. My GM call's it dog turd but it's actually my fave among the pieces.

This one is a giant's head. Kinda scary but interesting also.

Here's her interpretation of a giant couple. Twisted and holding hands.

Another one of my fave is this goat/woman hybrid.

This was how it was presented here in the gallery. There's something quite dark and otherwordly with the stuff she has churned out. You almost wouldn't expect the works were made by a girl. I know it's sexist to say that but there's darkness and twistedness in her work which you wouldn't normally expect.

Her interpretation of people falling under the year of the snake. Don't ask me what year. Goggle it yourself.

This one which looks like a penguin to me is actually a horse/woman hybrid. The light changes into different colors unlike the dog which is blue only. We've drawn circles around the walls of the gallery to emphasize the concept of connectedness and interelatedness of everyone in the universe. It could also mean the cycle of life.

She showed 23 pieces with mixed reaction from the crowd we had last night. I'd expected it, actually. For me, I think only serious art collectors will really appreciate and buy her work. Tevy's sensibility is challenging, there's not a hint of just trying to sell. And I guess that was what attracted me to her work in the first place.

How about you, do you dig this kind of art?


The Zen Bitch said...

bongga ang mga pieces!

gabby barredo but more dynamic and organic... para rin syang three dimensional version ng mga paintings ni clive barker...luv ko yung goat/woman hybrid... at most of all, yung blue dog...

hanggang kailan ito open, don?

kawadjan said...

love ko yung ahas. parang syang jewelry. at para din syang laruan. :-) magkano ba yan? makabili nga ng isang dosena. choz!

fuchsiaboy said...

zb - ends late november.

k - di kaya you love the ahas dahil ganun ka? hihihi!