Thursday, October 09, 2008

Wallpaper's grand dames extravaganza issue!

Wallpaper is love! Rei Kawakubo, Louise Bourgeois and Zaha Hadid guest edits in one issue. Zaha's cover is a dye cut affair of her latest living space project called the Lotus.

Rei's cover pits Comme des Garcons with Mondingo collective.

Louise chooses her work for the cover. Super inspiring!

Plus! A feature about Louis Vuitton x Comme des Garcons. As what Wallpaper said, there's no better reason to visit Tokyo this fall.

I can't wait for Ms. Chuvaness' first hand report when she goes to Tokyo for this.

Rei's pages features a drawing of her and an interview.

She opted to incorporate her clothes with artworks by different artists of similar thoughts to create what she thinks as a singular voice of the same singular vision.

'Wear your freedom'

Zaha Hadid's page.

Continuing the theme of her cover, the inside pages of her feature has more dye cut pages of her Lotus.

I love magazines that are art.

I was a fan of Wallpaper when it started but when Tyler Brule left I thought their quality and vision were weakened. I'm happy the current editor is cool.

Louise Bourgeois in a Vermeer-like portrait.

Her pages features a commissioned drawing by Tracey Emin.

She loves her cat!

Louise opted to feature 3 of her artist friends. One of them is Helmut Lang.

Very Helmut Lang if you're familiar with his work.

One of her works, a piece that commemorates people who died on witch hunts.

An intriguing piece by her artist friend Roni Horn. A water library of melted ice taken from the major ice shelfs of Iceland.

I'm super loving this Wallpaper issue!

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