Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Exhibit Opening

The opening party for the latest exhibit of the Arts Lounge has just finished. I'm exhausted but I'm happy that it was successful.

I'l post about our featured artist and her work on my next entry but basically the theme of the exhibit was Khmer horoscopes.

We constructed a little canopy and got a fortune teller for our guests to have their palms read, their star signs interpreted and some card readings. It proved popular!

A lot tried it. Here's the fortune teller in action with one of our guests.

To simulate the effect of a starry night we covered the ceiling with black cloth and hanged 2000 pieces of ping-pong balls dipped in silver paint. We started lunchtime and finished around 6pm for the set-up. I'm always amazed how we try to push the team with all the crazy set-up we think of.

It was a nice turn-out of guests given that it's a Tuesday. I'm really happy. Now wish me luck for another sold out show.


blagadag said...


You're always a star that never cease shining. The glitter of the super nova blankets the golden desert of Riyadh that try to invite me to eavesdrop on what the fortune teller would tell me on my struggles amid the worries our planet is orbitting of this economic time.

May the artist's creations bring you the expected fortune and your guests the satisfaction that starsigns bring.

Kaswirte sa imo!

Gayzha said...

Very nice concept! I like the pingpong ball stars!

Gibo. said...

ping pong balls queen ka na don, tamang tama yan sa iyong next trip to bkk, pagkakakitaan natin ito.

in fairview, wagi ang concept and design.

ayon sa iyong horoscope, sold out ang exhibit na ito!

kawadjan said...

winnah ang ping pong balls! sabi nga ni gibo, reminds me of bkk. hahahaha.

dahling, sino yung cutie na khmer na nagpapahula? i want his babies. now. na.

Bryan Anthony the First said...

makapag wish nga sa mga stars

bongga sya ate


The Zen Bitch said...

hay... lalo tuloy akong naimbyerna dahil hindi ako natuloy sa siem reap yesterday... bongga ang exhibit, bayot... panalo kah!

the spool artist said...

now i'm really regretting that i missed it! grrrr!

fuchsiaboy said...

thanks all guys!