Thursday, October 02, 2008

What You Meaning?

Between preparing the new exhibition for the Arts Lounge and making my spring/summer 2009 the chance of me going out for some fun and dates is slim to none. Not that I resent it. It's actually quite refreshing being out of the mold. The contrarian in me is kicking in and I'm rather quite contented having my weekends for the past weeks just being in my workshop conceptualizing my designs. Most Sundays after church I would go with my friends for ukay hunting and finding a crumpled designer dud or two, a minor excitement but nothing like a major, earth shattering turn of events. It's been quite mellow my life here in Siem Reap and I actually like the fact that I'm not as stressed when I was in Iloilo. Yeah, the excitement there is different and all my friends are there. I do miss it sometimes but I'm more contented where I am now. Napagod na rin siguro ako sa mga tao, sa parties, sa lahat lahat. And I'm not even in my forties pero parang I've lived life like I'm pushing 50 already. Nge! Nakakatakot yun.

Anyway, the image above is actually my invite for the next exhibit entitled 'sTARsIGNs' by a Khmer artist named Sokuntevy Ouer. It consist of 23 pieces of sculptures made of wire, paper, net, coffee and other found object, and is based on Khmer horoscopes. The opening will be on the 7th and once again we are cooking something exciting for the revelation of her artworks.

Do drop by if you're here in Siem Reap.


Let me make this clear the title has nothing to do with the post lest I'l be the next 'amusing anecdote' of some bloggers (ok, ok, that includes me!) I know making fun of this certain blogger who is quite inventive with his titles but seriously lacking for reason why it's the title in the first place. It's nosebleed all the way for comprehension. I often need blood transfusion every time I'm there reading his entries but it's always a riot. Gibo does he know kaya that you are telling people of his high falutin blog? Hihihihi!


Gibo. said...

in fairview, your fave blogger's new post has a nice but simple title for a change.

i want to see this exhibition. may online preview ba ito?

an den haw? an den wat?

kawadjan said...

maryosep, chismis!

fuchsiaboy said...

gibo - simple ba yun? introduction pa lang natawa na ako! hahahahaha! ayan natawa na naman ako ulit. paano na lang tayo kung wala na ang blog nya? wala na akong favorite amusement. kaya todo support ko uy.

kawadjan - dahil tsismoso ako.