Monday, October 13, 2008

The Perfect Bag

It's no surprise that Sofia Coppola, cool Oscar-winning screen writer, Marc Jacobs muse and one of the most stylish women in pop culture, have decided to make it her goal to design 'the perfect bag that doesn't exist', for her Louis Vuitton collaboration. Translated, if you are familiar with Sofia's sensibility, it's all about ' discreet, chic and grown-up' style, according to Suzy Menkes of the International Herald Tribune.

Simply called the 'SC', it features an open pocket enabling the user to grab something inside conveniently. Paano ang mga pick-pockets?

Expected to retail for $2,190 for the monogram version, there will also be a pochette containing a mirror which Sofia 'wanted for herself'.

There's shoes, too! Some gilded wedge ankle-strap sandal inspired her mother's Yves Saint Laurent shoes in the 70's.

Looking at the picture of the bag I can actually see myself carrying it but only the plain one. I've tried the monogram and it really doesn't suit my sensibility. Ewan ko, I look trying hard or I think I'm not preppy enough. Hahaha! Basta, even my friends agree the monogram LV is not for moi. This Louis Vuitton 'SC' seems wonderfully understated, roomy and I really love the strap because honestly in our mobile world now a strap can make a difference.

"Paris women have certain style - they are not trying to be little girls," Sofia says. "In general, people are more chic and put together in Paris. American sportswear hasn't entirely taken over. I like the idea of growing up and being a woman - the end of childhood but keeping part of your nature."

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