Monday, October 13, 2008

Still on Men Represent : Sketches

I decided to do another sketch for the Men Represent challenge of Style Salvage. On the previous post I was just using a black felt tip pen, not my usual drawing instrument, so I felt my drawing was kinda different from what I'm used to. It's usually black ball point and pastel that I use for all my drawings. Style Salvage Steve said it could be better if I included pictures of the actual garment. So here:

Ann Demeulemeester leather biker jacket

My own designed 'curve' pants

Soda tab necklace by me, red leather belt from Topman, blue knit scarf by Eairth by Melissa Dizon and gladiator sandals by me.

By the way, that is supposed to be me in the drawing. What do you think?


kawadjan said...

karir na ito. just as long as you're not eating, i will support you in your endeavors. :-P

Gibo. said...

clothes are supposed to be worn no? go and wear them! ask loven to take ur pic and then post it here.

i want to see how these curve pants fit you.

sige na.