Saturday, October 18, 2008

Fashion Family

I'm already quite excited to present my capsule collection for Philippine Fashion Week now that everything is finished. I'm feeling kinda Ann Demeulemeester-ish because we finished the collection a week before the presentation which is on the 26th. Ann is known to finish her collections a week before her show schedule because she doesn't want to be harrassed with the stress of last minute preparations. Now I know how she feels. I'm quite feeling the serenity putting on the last pieces of label. Unlike before where I'd be quite tensed, now it's all calm. Tomorrow I'm getting the shoes and I'm quite excited to document and make the final line-up because I'm also going to buy a new click&shoot camera! Yehey! I know someone will be quite happy now that the quality of the pix here in my blog will be greatly improved.

I've uploaded some snaps of my collection in a secret folder and previewed it to Kawadjan and Peer. Great honest comments from both which I really appreciated. Earlier this afternoon I was chatting also to my official DJ, non other than, Lyka. I swear the taste of our sister is quite impeccable! Music taste that is lest Kawadjan misconstrue the above statement. We decided on this really moody music called Fembussen Hjem. O di ba, title pa lang tumbling ka na. Nosebleed nga ako when I read the title. Anyway, leave it to Lyka to unearth musicians who make gibberish titled songs. (What can you expect from somebody who orgasms at the sound of Sigur Ros, di ba?). I have to also thank Brewster for the help in making the music playable in 3rd world sound system. (It's a long story pero I'm shocked Siem Reap is more advanced when it comes to sound systems than Cosmo Manille!). Special mention to Gibo who will try to document my show (birthday nya sa araw na yun so you better greet him that day).

Loven asked the guys to work until Sunday for me. Let me mention first that part of the reason why I love Loven to bits is that for many years we've been friends he's such a staunch supporter of my crazy ideas. Of course, he's got some other qualities I appreciate so much but he's one of the few friends I have, along with Faith, (my original rah rah girl and make-up artist!) who bullies me to just make it werk with my design. He usually photographs it too for free which is a huge bonus given how expensive he charges now (enough to buy me the Balenciaga and Longchamp that I covet). Heck, I came to Cambodia because of their help. And part of that support is letting me use the 'guys'. Di ba I mentioned in my previous post about them? My collection materialized because of their help:

Tin. Chief beader. Such a talented guy. I just have to endure his sporadic burst of singing dismally depressing Khmer love songs. He beads most of Loven's artworks.

Visal. Quiet guy. Speaks English but is prone to 'lost in translation'. Charade hand signal is optional to explain your design. Very fast worker!

Parith. My purchaser cum beader. He usually knows where to get the materials that I need. Knows how to ask for a good bargain, too. He's also my translator when I speak to my seamstress.

Ah yes, my seamstress, Sina. Doesn't speak English. Hence the translator. One time I asked her to copy a detail of a DKNY Pure skirt for a dress we were making. Much later when I checked the DKNY skirt was cut up and attached to the dress. Tumbling! But I couldn't ask for a better seamstress than her. Despite our language barrier she can quickly guess what stuff I want made. I swear she can represent Cambodia in the World Charades Competition (if ever there's one). I'm rather abstract sometimes when describing what I want and usually the patterns I concoct are quite 'impossible'. But then all of them goes with me for the ride.

So they're my fashion family - me dependent on their kindness, talent and support. So wish me luck for a good show because my success is also their success.


blagadag said...

Daw kanamet ni Parith. Good luck sa imo madam. Kag happy birthday in advance kay Gibo.

kawadjan said...

awwww... congrats ning. nakakalula ang damit mo this season, parang space-age opulence. windangin ang manille! gandahan ang bow sa finale ha.

The Zen Bitch said...

best of luck to you & your awesome collection!

Gayzha said...

Wow... I'm sooo excited for you!!!

Pwedi bang magpagawa ng super bonggang costume/attire. I will be joining an MG here and I need some inputs kasi! Something really new and trendy!

Lyka Bergen said...

Good Luck, Don! I hope Bjorn Torske's Fembussen Hjem will work sa Runway! Sayang di kami maka-join ni Kawadjan sa Saturday. Inggit kami kina Gibo, Kiks, and Kiel! tse!

fuchsiaboy said...

blag - uy bad ka hehehe

k - mag miuccia prada bow ako

z - thanks

gayzha - sureness! i made outfits for a MG a friend who joined. Syempre we won. I mixed Morticia Addams and Arachnida concepts sa damit.

lyka - i feel like a porn star everytime i listen to it. winner ito.