Sunday, October 12, 2008

Men Represent - Sketches

There's this blog I've been following lately called Style Salvage because they seem to discuss menswear stuff that also have crossed my mind.

Anyway, they've got this challenge and I thought it might be cool to join. Here's my take on the sketches project:

The first drawing is my own clothes. I've got this holey, tattered black knit cardigan that I'm loving so much now that the weather here in Cambodia is slightly erratic so it can be a bit cold in the workplace. Usually I just wear a basic black tee underneath and with pleated shorts to even out the slim top. With Converse sneakers or leather gladiator sandals, I can go from the gallery to some bar downtown.

The left sketch I've worn also. It's just basic collared long sleeve cotton jersey shirt paired with my Balenciaga jodphur pants and gladiator sandals. I think it's sporty and casual at the same time but not like regular jeans and tee only.

On the right is a striped top that's quite boxy and cropped that I got from the thrift shop. I plan to wear it with an Ann Demeulemeester black tee underneath. Then maybe Levi's 501 jeans and sneakers. I just find the odd proportions interesting.

The last sketch is a fantasy of mine. I love the whole goat fur / monkey fur or whatever they call that extra long black hairs. Often, when dressing up I find tomboy-ish women more stylish e.g. Stella Tenant, Emmanuelle Alt, Marie Amelie Sauve. I try to emulate their inspiring style and the mood they project, I guess. The last look is screaming Paris Vogue!


StyleSalvage said...

ok, i could never draw as well as this. darnation! I love these, especially the first one. I would love to see the garments photographed as well for comparison!

fuchsiaboy said...

il try to do the photograph bit steve if i have the time. thanks!

Kiks said...

i so lurv it.

i can only go as far as saying it.


designerman said...

looks great!

The Zen Bitch said...


fuchsiaboy said...

kiks - anu ka ba you can draw naman kaya!

dm - hey thanks! love your site.

zb - hehe thanks po.


I just had to do the same...haha I'm such a seloso