Thursday, October 23, 2008

Project Runway Finale Night

You will have to wait for the pictures I've taken because I'm nursing a headache after getting visually overloaded tonight. Besides I have to resize them which would take a lot of time. But this much I can say, the 3 finalists did a wonderful job. Each one, Veejay, Phillip and Aries, created collections that reflected their personalities. Philip employed a lot of couture technique and mainly created pieces for the evening. Veejay was chic, in muted colors. He showed pieces that are wearable and urban yet soft and feminine. Aries was all about edgy tailoring and revealed surprising elements. All have strength and weakness but I won't tell you who my fave was. You must watch the finale coz you might just catch me there telling everybody who I gave my thumbs-up. Hihihi!

O sya, sleep na ko. More tsika later about the people, judges and other stuff plus the show of Tina Daniac.


mrs.j said...

any clue who won?


ill b der on the 26 :P

fuchsiaboy said...

secret, pero we all know who it is na hehehe!

see ya!


I'm not at all a fan of Aries Lagat but dude...damn, two thumbs up to him :)

hey Don, haha it was great meeting cousin's so hanga sa imo you...naks!

fuchsiaboy said...

thank you ha!